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Monday, July 4, 2011

2011 Get-Together

We learned that a few of the ward members were going to be in town and decided to get together with them and any others who were available. The problem not everyone could come at the same time. We decided to have several. They began and ended at Beazerville.
First we had a handful that could only come on Friday morning. This is a great time for train rides and conveniently mother nature cooperated. We had a great time. The more little ones the better. The following Monday we had FHE at Broulims. You never go to Broulims without eating, and eating we did. Sister Broulim cooked up scones and honey butter (find the recipe under When the Bishop cooks"), with Brother Broulim taking care of the corn. We also had all the trimmings for Navaho Tacos, Yummy. (the salsa recipe can also be found under When the Bishop Cooks).
We ate, swapped babies, talked, laughed, hugged and basically the Beazers had their well of love filled. They were getting severely dry.

It was so nice to see and visit with so many former members. Not everyone knew each other as this spanned all three years we served in the BYU-I 67th Ward.

It always great to share our successes, our failures, our cute baby stories and mostly our memories.
Remember it was a FHE so we had a singing activity for the little ones (THANKS Jenna). They fished for songs.

Little children love to sing, they really know their songs.

The adults took time to play a little ball. What are the odds that the same tree would eat the volley ball bought to replace the one it ate last time we played at Broulims?)

Adventures were to be had as the play house was explored. What a cute kitchen. The comment was often heard "this is nicer than my apartment." (have to brag, the bishop built the kitchen and had a lot of fun doing it.)

To get to the play house you have to cross a very dangerous footbridge. Luckily the water over the ditch was shallow and pride would have been the greatest damage.

Along with the playhouse comes the zipline. Even Brother Wilding tried it out. Fun, Fun, Fun.

A last minute volleyball game. The old folks where sore, sore, sore the next day.

The last of the get together was back as Beazerville on Satuday. Not many came but those that did enjoyed train rides and food.

Boys will be boys. They found the bike and decided to ride it, but mostly they just got a good workout.

The little boys had to ride the train every spare moment, even when putting it away for the night. They loved it.

We had plenty of little boys who hopefully began the start of a long term friendship.

Careful we have been know to throw away naughty boys.

Our well of love and memories is filled to overflowing and for this we are thankful. Lets do it again next year.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ward Get-Together Directions

We are having a ward get-together or two, to compare memories and show off babies.

First on June 27th @ 6:30pm, we will have a FHE at Brother and Sister Broulims (rumor has it she will be making scones, yummy).

Then for those who can't make that, and/or those who just love to party with us,

July 2nd @ 2pm at Beazerville, we will be having train rides with food to follow.

Come to one or the other or both.

Directions to Broulims, 451 N. 3900 E. Rigby:

From Rexburg: Take the North Rigby exit, then turn right on Stockham Blvd pass by Wendys go one block west to the next stop sign. Take a right onto 3950 E (also known as Annis Hwy), and go the next corner (fire station on west corner and Rocky Mountain Power on east corner). Turn left (west) onto 400 North and go 1/2 mile to 3900 East. Turn right (north) and go 1/2 mile to 451, turn left down their lane. It is just past a canal. The house is back off the road a ways, but you will be able to see it , large with lots of trees.

Watch for the white pickup with 67th Ward on the side.

From Idaho Falls: Take the North Rigby exit, cross over Hwy 20 and turn right on Stockham blvd, then continue with above directions.

Directions to Beazerville, 695 North 4200 East (due to road construction do not follow google maps):

From Rexburg
Take the North Rigby exit, turn left over Hwy 20, and head north on N. Yellowstone Hwy approximately 2 miles. You will come to a canal and a sign saying "road closed to thru traffic". At this point you must make a decision, do you go through another mile, coming to the road construction, sneak past the signs, go to 700 N. turn right over the railroad tracks and you are there, or do you turn right onto 600n. go one mile to 4200 E., take a left and follow the road past one curve and just after you come more road construction, take a right, follow the road, (it will curve to the west) and to until you get to Beazerville? Either way will get you there and both will have some road construction.

From Idaho Falls
Take the North Rigby exit, turn right on N Yellowstome highway follow rest of above directions.

If you get lost or have questions,

call B. Beazer @ 208-521-6587

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Farewell to the Stake Presidency

Today we ventured back up to the 8th Stake to show our love and support for the Stake Presidency who was being released. We felt very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with these men, to sit at their feet and be taught, to feel their love as we got to know them. They were an important part of our time at BYU-I. President Brent Strong, President Jay Harris, President Randy Johnson
A BIG THANK-YOU to these men.
I am sure the new presidency are equally great men, but we will not have the opportunity to work with them. We wish them the best.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Unofficial BYU-I 67th Ward Reunion

What is it. some former members came to town and we decided it was a good excuse to get folks together and refill our oil well. We called it a reunion but it was really therapy for us. We love and miss being with all of you every week. Even though we love our home ward, this is where our hearts are, it felt so normal, so right to be with those who could come.

So what did we do for this great event.

We gathered at Beazerville, for good food (the bishop cooked chicken, actually his son and daughter-in-law cooked it, everyone brought something to go with it), fun and train rides. It was the first time for most of them and the hightlight of all the little ones. Some, big and little, just couldn't get enough. Mother Nature had her own idea of how things should go. she blew and blew and blew, so we ended up moving it into the garage/shop/barn/train shed whatever you want to call it.

Various members of the bishopric and Brother Broulim, who put off a grandson's birthday party to be with us.

The wives

All of us with the little ones.

Sister Broulims was so happy to spend time with Hailey's new little sister.

Haws were happy to show off their daughter.

Marc and Jared had their usual eating competition. I don't know who ate the most chicken.

Weeks enjoyed the meal and train rides.

Finally we were able to meet the new Mecham.

Beard's were full of hugs for everyone.

McMullins and the Beazers

Krista and Elena came without Steve who had to work.

Audra and Rachel chill out.
Last but not least Beazers and Boehmes
This must be a record, Sister Beazer posting not just one picture of herself but three, not to mention the fact that she allowed pictures to be taken with her in them .
More pictures where taken, cameras were flashing right and left. This is only a taste of them.
THANKS to all who came, brought yummy food, rode the train and restored us to a bit of sanity. We missed those who couldn't come or forgot.
Let's do it again next year.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Coming to the nearest train station near you.

Jared and Cait are coming from Texas, and since there are so many people they would love to see and since we are having withdrawal issues, we decided to have an

"Unofficial BYU-I 67th Ward Reunion".
If you know us from the 67th Ward you are invited. (Please RSVP if you are coming). It will be July 5th, 6:30 -9:30 at Beazerville (or 695 N. 4200 E. for those who don't know the way, due to road construction, don't google, ask for directions, also this is not our house address.) I have on good authority that the Beazer ShortLine will be running. The Bishop (probably really Sister Beazer as he is also the head engineer) will be cooking chicken. So bring something tasty to go with that. Plates, cups, silverware and cold water will be available.

We hope to reacquaint with all our old memories. (Remember to RSVP).

Friday, March 12, 2010

Girls and babys they go together

One of the things we miss most about serving up to BYU-I is the people. Every once in a while an opportunity comes up that means getting together with a few of them, and it refills the oil in our lamp.
Tonight was extra special, such that I was willing to actually be in a picture. Of course I made sure I had some great company with their cute baby bellies. Thanks Erin, Rachel, Samantha, Jenna, Kirsten and Calli.
(and Audra, my stalkee)
I have been rejuvenated.
I wish I could come up for the big divide this coming Sunday, but I have a calling that requires I be in the home ward. Sunday School and 14 year olds and I love it, although not as much as I loved being up there.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fun in the Snow

Usually when we go to Island Park it is too work. Not this trip it was just fun in the snow. Yes, snow can be fun.
This bishop arranged with some friends to borrow their cabin and snow mobiles. His family from Utah came up and stayed for the weekend. FUN, FUN, FUN. 14 adults, 7 little children (the oldest had just turned 7). We ate, played card games, xbox, wii, ate, watched movies, ate, put together puzzles, ate, went to church, ate, played in the snow, ate some more and even snuck a little sleep in. Did I mention we ate, way too much. This waiting for the rest of the group to head out on a quick trip.
Helping the little ones with their puzzle. It's quite a challenge when their attention span is about 2 minutes and they want the puzzle done right now.

The adults played card games. Of course he didn't win.
It was nice to get away for a couple of days, spend time with family and just have fun.